Ndeon Consulting: Boutique Consulting For Efficient Healthcare Management '

Ndeon Consulting: Boutique Consulting For Efficient Healthcare Management

Bryan Odegard, Principal, Ndeon ConsultingBryan Odegard, Principal, Ndeon Consulting A closer look at today’s value-based healthcare environment reveals that healthcare providers are wedged between a complex regulatory climate, aging population, and technological changes. To maintain a frictionless revenue cycle against the backdrop of changing market conditions, healthcare organizations require a deeper understanding of the hospital’s business processes and financial stimulus. Even though healthcare institutions have appointed expert administrators and staff, they still face impediments in harnessing the potential of healthcare technology to implement strategic plans and set up intelligent workflows that could improve their revenue. It goes without saying that the success of the hospital depends on the efficient functioning of each business unit and sub-units. To achieve favorable results, hospitals require a team of highly trained consultants who can bring a thorough understanding of patient needs, clinical management, and complex hospital environment.

"Our consulting services are timetested, proven, and have a high success rate, which allows us to deliver consistent results and enhance the return on time and technology investments"

At the forefront of enabling flawless execution of healthcare business processes is NDEON Consulting, a firm well-positioned to assist providers, individual payers, and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) market across a wide range of projects. The projects span everything from program management to readiness assessment to product implementation to project rescue. NDEON’s team of expert consultants engages with healthcare companies of all sizes, including startups and some of the country’s largest organizations, and offers breadth and depth of knowledge in the payer, provider, and PBM arenas. “Our consulting services are time-tested, proven, and have a high success rate, which allows us to deliver consistent results and enhance the return on time and technology investments,” elucidates Bryan Odegard, Principal of NDEON Consulting.

The company offers the expertise to healthcare organizations which are in need of support to fine-tune the planning and execution of their business strategies. NDEON stands by its ideology that satisfied customers and better engagement increases the prospects of an organization in terms of revenue.

With such a mindset, the company has trained its team in areas such as product implementation, integration, transition management, and project rescue. With their in-depth knowledge, the company is committed to creating better outcomes, enhanced experiences, and superior quality of life for healthcare consumers.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations and Clinical Care

NDEON’s proficient consultants understand customer’s environment, their challenges, and formulate innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions that meet their requirements. To accelerate the implementation of strategic plans, bridge the gap between clinical providers, and overhauling technologies, NDEON offers program managers who lead the programs across all types and sizes, successfully coordinating teams, vendors, suppliers, and operations staff to ensure maximum benefit.

Having been in the trenches with customers, NDEON’s consultants have gained vast knowledge and practical understanding of the operational and financial challenges faced by the healthcare institutions. These consultants know what it takes for an organization to advance toward its goals. When a healthcare provider engages with NDEON to support their significant initiatives such as venturing into new business lines, acquisition, or expansion to new markets, NDEON’s consultants provide insights, analysis, and recommendations to guide their crucial decisions.

We work with our clients to define clear and measurable expectations, develop a project plan, and other necessary resources

To elucidate about their Readiness assessment, Odegard cites a scenario where NDEON stepped in to conduct an assessment of a healthcare organization’s readiness to undertake an initiative that would require them to double their bench strength. The consultants inspected every major function of the hospital to evaluate the organization’s current state and determined what gaps it needed to fill to achieve the desired future state.

Introducing a new product in the healthcare marketplace is a tough row to hoe. The process is prone to dangers in the form of missteps, mismanagement, and missed opportunities. Working with NDEON, clients can be confident that their new product/services will run smoothly and strike the right chord with the users. The company’s superior executive-level contacts mean that they have the necessary skills to gain entry and apply influence in complex commercial markets. NDEON’s support in this area has ranged from helping payers develop and roll out new commercial and government products to the introduction of new medical devices. Regardless of the latest product or service, NDEON’s consultants can expertly assist the organization through the implementation.

In addition, when healthcare organizations find it hard to get back on track with internal capabilities such as resource alignment, remediation, and recurrence, NDEON emerges as a savior, helping them to recover and achieve success. NDEON’s project rescue protocol is committed to providing organizations with a learning experience through which they can reduce the risk involved in future projects. The proven process guides efforts to reduce risk and deliver favorable results in every client engagement. No matter what challenges organizations face, NDEON knows how to intervene, analyze, reorganize, execute, and triumph.

The Proven Process

NDEON also helps healthcare providers in designing healthcare strategies that result in achieving the right operational and technical infrastructure to support sustainable and interoperable health information exchange based on each community’s needs and culture.

At the heart of NDEON’s proven process is the desire to improve people’s lives through innovative healthcare practices and processes. The skilled team brings more than 20 years of healthcare experience, a strong track record of success, and significant industry knowledge and connectivity with leading individuals and organizations in the industry. Unlike other consulting firms, the NDEON team leverages a unique approach that enables them to help numerous startups to establish a robust healthcare environment. The process encompasses discovery, design, engagement, and execution. “We work with our clients to define clear and measurable expectations, develop a project plan, and other necessary resources,” elucidates Davey.

Pathway to Success

Odegard cites a success story where Dose Health, a renowned provider of the smarter pillbox, wanted to introduce Dose Dispense into the commercial healthcare market. After thorough research on the best healthcare consulting firms, they chose NDEON as their partner. NDEON’s goal was to develop and execute strategies to promote and integrate Dose Dispense in complex healthcare systems in a way that makes it easy to adopt and gain a competitive edge. With their in-depth knowledge and experience in the payer, PBM, and provider markets, NDEON’s consultants immediately recognized the applicability of this device for large-scale healthcare systems and its ability to enhance healthcare results, minimize costs, and ultimately save lives. “We are excited about NDEON’s healthcare context; leadership and market connectivity helping us significantly advance our go-to-market strategy for Dose Dispense. Their ability to successfully navigate large complex systems in positioning our product and service will lead to wins for all participants,” explains Paul Hines, CEO of Dose Health, LLC.

NDEON looks forward to forging a robust partnership with healthcare clients with a more profound emphasis on their consulting services. With an incredible track record of assisting providers, payers, and PMBs, NDEON takes pride in delivering better healthcare results.

- Ashik Jain
    October 16, 2018