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Ben Skyles, CEO, ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc.Ben Skyles, CEO, ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc.
The year 2020 has turned out to be challenging for many large and small businesses. However, Healthcare Solutions companies like ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc. are seeing a surge in demand. And are providing the Healthcare Industry much-needed innovation, especially in managed services supporting Telehealth and Electronic Health Records (EHR) management.

Mr. Ben Skyles is the CEO of ProSource360. He is also an industry leader with over 30 years of healthcare industry experience. He has dedicated more than 20 years to Government Healthcare IT providing solutions and services across a myriad of agencies. ProSource360 provides healthcare-based managed services and solutions for the Federal Government.

“During the pandemic, we have seen patient and provider visit limitations that affect quality of care and even access to care. This care chasm is now bridged by leveraging telehealth services. Virtual care platformed services have exceeded expectations and are seen as reliable and sustainable, and most importantly, adoptable by both the patients and the providers of care. During the pandemic, access to care required reliability, reporting accuracy, and timely responses to the patient population’s needs.

Telehealth technology requires managed services to ensure primary care physicians are notified of the visit as well as the treatment protocol provided for the patient by the telehealth provider. Although virtual care has increased value, the key determination of adoption will be long term reimbursement for the medical community. The pandemic allowed a COVID exception for payments and with that simple executive act patients and providers were able to connect.

COVID has also impacted hospital operations. Many healthcare institutions have lost revenue during the pandemic and are facing financial deficits because routine visits, planned procedures, and elective surgeries in many instances were suspended. This is especially true with the lack of follow up and maintenance required for patients that necessitate chronic disease management. Communities across our nation will need to get back to the care continuum for those patients that are battling behavioral health issues, require assistance with addictions, and for all of those patients that are in high risk populations including hospice, home health and palliative care.”

Mr. Ben Skyles has seen these challenges firsthand. “I started my career in medical devices and moved on to sophisticated, complex IT solutions focused on supply chain and broader resource management challenges. These challenges were exemplified in the Integrated Healthcare Delivery marketplace; where disparate systems were attempting to share patient data, and where patients were seemingly managing their care coordination. Physicians were not always connected, and specialists were silos of information.

Having accurate and detailed patient information at the point of care is highly beneficial in making better clinical decisions. This is why we are so proud to support the EHR Modernization efforts to benefit our Military Service Members, Veterans, and their dependents

The need to integrate, interoperate, and operationalize better tools for healthcare put me in touch with many material managers, clinicians, nurses, and technologists. It was easy to understand how the complexity of the healthcare marketplace would impact my career path. Wanting to solve problems and understanding processes is the cornerstone of solutioning. I began engaging with hospital and health system C-Suite Executives to understand their pain points and what kept them up at night. I realized that innovation and leveraging cutting edge technologies would be critical but always had to focus initially on practical approaches to resolve immediate challenges. I soon pivoted from a focus on medical devices into medical software. ProSource360 emerged out of that pivot. I started working to help hospitals acquire enterprise resource management software solutions that would help them manage critical resources, and I realized we were doing a very good job driving efficiencies at scale.”

Today ProSource360 provides multiple Healthcare Solutions from medical device management and security, clinical and medical staffing, medical logistics, revenue cycle management with the capstone being the EHR Modernization efforts.

Mr. Ben Skyles said it best, “The whole idea of modernizing an EHR is to establish continuity of care and better coordinate care to improve the patient experience. Balancing the entire lifecycle of the patients’ healthcare experience with the clinician’s perspective enables data access via interoperability, effective communications, and improves the overall delivery and quality of care.” That is where ProSource360’s expertise is focused, and has allowed them to be selected as team members for a multi-billion dollar program implementing and modernizing the EHR for both the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“Having accurate and detailed patient information at the point of care is highly beneficial in making better clinical decisions. This is why we are so proud to support the EHR Modernization efforts to benefit our Military Service Members, Veterans, and their dependents.” As a part of this highly complex and visible implementation, ProSource360 is on the frontlines providing end-user training and adoption coaching and various other functions such as program management, risk management, communications support, data integration, and engineering, to name a few.

Skyles owes much of this achievement to his team of critical thinkers he stated; “We have hired and developed people who care about making a difference.” “While we are not a manufacturer or a developer, we have delivered some extraordinary people, that have generated quality deliverables and process improvements who care about the mission and are able to help solve difficult problems.” Skyles looks ahead for ProSource360 to further impact the areas of telehealth, operational medicine, and health IT consulting.

ProSource360 is currently focused on enhancing their current infrastructure that will allow the company to scale to next phase of growth. Skyles is constantly recruiting top talent during this remarkable season of change. While the healthcare market has many challenges, companies like ProSource360 are still working hard to deliver solutions that will contribute to an improved healthcare delivery system and better overall patient experience.

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ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc.

Washington, District of Columbia

Ben Skyles, CEO, ProSource360 Consulting Services, Inc.

Prosource360 focuses on the delivery of patient care by leveraging process engineering from a tactical and strategic consulting perspective