Top Healthcare Consulting Service Companies
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Top Healthcare Consulting Service Companies - 2018

The healthcare landscape is a scene of constant flux thanks to changing regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, OSHA along with the rapid development of newer technologies including wearable patient monitors, patient engagement solutions, and implantable devices. All these advancements have made the job of healthcare providers more complicated since they have to constantly stay up to date with the regulations and technology trends. Having a partner to look after these requirements would make life easier for healthcare providers. This is where healthcare consultants come into the picture. The consultants help healthcare providers focus on the job that they are good at while they take care of the rest.

Healthcare consultants provide all healthcare-related businesses with the required expertise or support that they do not have in-house. Sometimes, healthcare organizations receive projects where its scope or complexity exceeds that of the in-house team. In such situations, hiring a consultant can prove to be more effective for the organization since these skills may not be required in the long run and thereby saving a lot of unnecessary costs. In other cases, where a healthcare provider goes through a hiring freeze, healthcare consultants provide those necessary skillsets to ensure that the provider does not get overwhelmed by the competition.

Considering all these factors, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected a list of the top healthcare contenting service providers. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Healthcare Consulting Service Providers - 2018.”

    Top Healthcare Consulting Service Companies

  • Brings decades of specialized healthcare experience into one consulting practice to serve the current and emerging needs of healthcare organizations

  • Offers contact center and telehealth consultancy services to healthcare organizations

  • Enables practices to receive the EHR Medicaid incentive with Meaningful Use (MU) Implementation

  • 3MC Consulting, LLC

    3MC Consulting, LLC

    Specializes in numerous aspects of the health care industry including reimbursement, financial services, regulatory compliance, and more

  • CBS Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC

    CBS Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC

    Provides full-service practice management and medical billing and compliance services for healthcare practices

  • COPE Health Solutions

    COPE Health Solutions

    Works with hospitals, clinics and health care organizations to develop integrated health care delivery networks and to train and grow the health workforce needed to support these networks

  • HNI Healthcare

    HNI Healthcare

    HNI Healthcare capitalizes on its proprietary VitalSigns™ software to execute technology-enabled strategies that drive superior outcomes, transforming the delivery of both hospital-based and long-term care

  • The Greeley Company

    The Greeley Company

    Provides cutting-edge consulting, education, and professional services to hospitals nationwide

  • Veralon Partners

    Veralon Partners

    A national leader in healthcare strategy, with outstanding valuation, financial, and specialized implementation skills

  • Zitra Healthcare Partners

    Zitra Healthcare Partners

    Helps leading healthcare companies to work on the full spectrum of strategy, operations, and control their future