Top Healthcare Tech Consulting Companies
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Top 10 Healthcare Tech Consulting Companies - 2019

Healthcare technology is adapting rapidly to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. The rise of artificial intelligence and the internet of things is accelerating the digitalization of the industry. It is empowering healthcare organizations to improve their processes, including inventory management, employee tracking, patient payments, and so on. As medical devices become interconnected with the internet, healthcare organizations must unravel the complexities of cybersecurity and protect their technological infrastructure.

The current estimates reveal that hospitals in the US leverage up to 15 connected devices per bed, and the numbers are steadily rising. The adoption of cloud technology is expected to increase among healthcare organizations. Although disruptive technology is leading to the reduction of costs and enhancement of services, comprehensive knowledge regarding its capabilities and flaws is crucial for seamless integration. The rapid transformation occurring in the healthcare industry will necessitate extensive knowledge and expertise for navigating the technological space.

Motivated by the innovative trends transforming the industry, this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook is elaborately crafted to assist you in developing productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have compiled a list of the top 10 healthcare tech consulting companies to highlight the ones making significant contributions to the healthcare sector in 2019. Armed with robust and innovative technological capabilities, these featured consulting companies are set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership, from subject-matter experts with real-life stories, on what selected vendors are doing for their clients, including exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. We hope it fosters enhanced innovation and growth, empowering your organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook, “Top 10 Healthcare Tech Consulting Companies – 2019.”

    Top Healthcare Tech Consulting Companies

  • Backing over 15 years of experience, ALIS Technology has helped healthcare provider companies develop, run, and grow surgery centers. The team at ALIS understands the workflows of medical technology and can make suggestions that save steps and maximize facility usage. The organization works with healthcare providers and will help organizations pick systems that are right for their facility and their specialties. Additionally, ALIS also provides the foundation, service, and resources to advance the client’s facility while allowing growth and flexibility. The enterprise is committed to helping customers improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve service through technology, sized for the facility, and budget

  • Delaware-based company SecureNetMD delivers HIPAA compliant solutions that help healthcare firms achieve enhanced efficiency. With SecureNetMD’s solutions, healthcare organizations do not have to depend on external IT vendors but instead use their in-house teams to ensure state-of-the-art security and streamlined business operations. The company takes a granular focus on security, to offer protection for email, endpoints, and network. Backed by an open communication strategy, SecureNetMD has registered a 98 percent client retention rate over the last ten years by partnering with clients

  • Cody Consulting Group

    Cody Consulting Group

    Cody Consulting Group is a technology and consulting firm providing healthcare information technology products and services to Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans (MCOs). The company’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by health plans led to the development of its unique set of proven products and services designed specifically for the bumpy terrain of the healthcare industry. Founded in 2006, Cody Consulting Group works intending to ensure compliance with complicated Medicare and Medicaid contract requirements. The company’s web-based software, CodySoft, automates the creation of ANOC and EOC materials

  • HealthCare Strategies

    HealthCare Strategies

    HealthCare Strategies provides a comprehensive set of support, management, and technical support to home health agencies, hospice providers, and hospitals. The company’s programs offer next-generation information-based health management services working seamlessly with their highly effective clinical programs. HealthCare Strategies deploys a technology platform domain experience and skilled Clinical Staff to merge predictive analytics, risk stratification, and evidenced-based interventions into practical programs that improve outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs. The expertise of the company allows them to accurately predict high-cost medical care events, proactively manage patient’s health, and provide highly effective interventions and positive clinical and financial outcomes

  • HealthTECH Resources

    HealthTECH Resources

    HealthTECH Resources provides both direct permanent staffing and consulting resources to offer innovative, progressive, and scalable information technology. The company specializes in staffing for Provider and Payer software solutions. HealthTECH focuses on improving & implementing performance management systems in the healthcare market by providing IT staffing and consulting solutions to hospitals and health insurers nationwide. HealthTECH’s services include systems implementation, project management, optimization, custom reporting, configuration, go-live support, training, and knowledge transfer in all Provider/EMR and Payer applications, including Trizetto FACETS, AMISYS, QNXT, PowerMHS and MetaVance to the Payer industry

  • Medullan


    Medullan is a leading digital health firm that designs and builds outcome-driven solutions that have a direct and measurable impact on the healthcare industry. The business partners with clients at every stage of a development cycle – problem definition, user research, UX design, and agile software development – and utilize lean practices to validate and deliver highly innovative web and mobile applications that drive adoption and patient engagement. Fueled by a passion for health, a desire to positively challenge the healthcare paradigm, and a culture of accountability, Medullan works with payer, provider, life sciences, and pharmaceutical clients to build solutions that create measurable business value and positive impact in the lives of their customers

  • NDEON Consulting

    NDEON Consulting

    As a healthcare management consultancy, NDEON Healthcare brings decades of specialized experience to serve the current and emerging needs of healthcare organizations. With broad and deep knowledge in the provider, payer, and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) markets, NDEON works with numerous PBMs and the chief healthcare payers in the U.S. Program and project management, readiness assessment, transition management, product implementation, and program and project recovery are some of the key offerings of NDEON. The business has implemented EMR systems and new operational programs around compliance and medicare prescription drug coverage. Delivering results nationally, their team engages in a variety of roles, from supporting staff at mid-level organizations to leading initiatives at the country’s prime healthcare enterprises

  • RelateCare


    RelateCare is a healthcare contact center consultancy and outsourcing organization that specializes in patient access and patient engagement solutions. RelateCare began as a joint venture in 2013 between Rigneydolphin, a leading Irish based contact center company with over 25 years of contact center experience and the Cleveland Clinic U.S., following a relationship that began in 2009. By combining Rigneydolphin’s excellence in contact center management and Cleveland Clinic’s expertise in healthcare delivery the company was formed to help healthcare organizations provide bespoke contact center solutions including appointment scheduling, authorizations, referrals, patient outreach, nurse triage, and post-discharge call back programs from their patient coordination centers in Cleveland, and Waterford, Ireland

  • Silverline


    Established in 2009, Silverline is a Salesforce Platinum Partner providing solutions across the Healthcare and Financial Services industries. The company focuses exclusively on the end-to-end deployment of Salesforce products and powerful third-party applications. Application development, customer relationship management, financial and healthcare consulting, enterprise cloud computing, cloud management, change enablement, and marketing automation are some of the solutions that the business offers. The enterprise’s results-driven methodology leverages paramount practices developed over 800 deployments, with deep expertise in financial services, healthcare, and Force solutions. Silverline also offers a suite of popular AppExchange applications, including the best-selling CalendarAnything and the newest product, The WaterCooler, an Intranet Platform

  • Veralon


    Veralon offers the expertise of the nation’s leading strategy firm, and outstanding skills in valuation, finance, mergers, and clinical transformation. The name Veralon has its roots in vera, referring to truth and commitment, tenets of the way we practice. The business focuses on strategy and planning, valuation and physician compensation, merger and acquisition, and clinical transformation and value-based payment. Veralon’s clients include teaching and academic medical centers, health systems, community hospitals, provider networks, pediatric hospitals, physician groups, health plans, and other healthcare organizations across the U.S